XIFFIAN : Jabber client in flash (XIFF inside & open-source)

Here is the first public jabber chat made with the XIFF library

The main advantage is to be made in ActionScript, which permits you to put on your website, to be an open source project, and users (90% have Flash on their machine) will be able to connect to your jabber server and the jabber network.

The download pages have been updated, developers share their resources to see what version is best, and how it can be improved. Fusion will be next step... after the logo, and the architectural arguing ;)

The first available files on CVS - where "modulename" are developers names - are temporary. Real XIFFIAN project will be in the "XIFFIAN" module. For now we share our source before making it common and fusioning.

This page is still in construction and will be updated daily until beautiful enough.

Enjoy the work and join the team!