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Registering a new account

If you don't have a Jabber account yet, it can be necessary to register a new account (some anonymous servers exists).

The only thing to do is to fill the form, and when made, you'll be able to use the services offered by the server! If you get an error message (a weird error message), it is possible that this username is already used. You'll have to choose an other one!

Interface presentation

Global Interface:

Top right : an ellipse show you your connection state (green=connected, red=disconnected)
Under stands a list of your buddies (Present or not..). When you click on an element, you'll be able to withdraw him from your buddy list. You can private chat by double clicking.
The tabs bar permits you to go from a window to an other. The tabs will be in a specific color when a new message is received while you are on an other one


Those are general options
-PRESENCE : The combobox permits you to modify your presence status (present, busy...), and the TextField is used to display special sentence (I'm eating...)
-BUDDIES : You can add/remove buddies by writing their JID (Jabber Identity)
-ChatRoom : Write a Room name and it's password (if needed) to join the room. Validation is made by pressing the ENTER key or the "Join Room" button.
The bottom left part is used to log your actions such as subscriptions, and will display broadcast messages
On the right, you'll be able to list the opened chatrooms. By clicking on a roomname, you'll be able to join the room, or have a list the present users.

Private chat window:

There is a list of smileys, a textField, a display area and a close button...
It's chat... I don't explain it ;)

Public chat window:

There is a list of smileys, a textField, a display area and a close button... (already read that? huh...)
On right bottom you have a user list. All those users are in the chatroom you are also on
By double-clicking a user name, you will open a private chat window. With a simple click, you'll have choice between chatting, add to your buddy list, and probably more, depending on your room affiliations.
If you're the room owner (you opened a new chat room) : you can configure the room, give it a password, make it persistant....
If you're a room moderator: you can kick/ban/allow users from a lower administrative rank
As a simple participant: you can (but can be disallowed by the room owner) invite a friend to join the room

Buddy managing

Add a buddy:

You have the possibility to add buddies in your buddy list. Therefore you can click on his nickname in a chatroom (if the room administrator permits it) and select the option "Add this buddy". You can either add him at each moment with the main menu (MainMenu tab) by writing the JID address in the "Buddy" textfield, by pressing "Add" button.
A request will be sent to the buddy you want to add, to check he accepts. Once he'll have accepted, he will be added in your buddy list.

Remove a buddy:

If one of your friends change JID, you can remove the old one from your buddy list, by clicking on the corresponding line in the buddy list, and by choosing the "Remove this buddy" option. You can also remove him with MainMenu. Just write his JID in the "Buddy" texlfield and click on "Remove" button.

Rename a buddy, or change group:

In order to improve the buddy list display, you can choose to order them by group, and giving them a specific name. Therefore, click on the buddy to modify in the "buddyList", and choose the "Link to a group" option. A pop-up window will ask you the new name and the new group. Fill it to update the values.

Change the presence status (away, busy...):

In the "MainMenu" screen, choose the presence that fits the best to what you expect. If you wish to complete it with a sentence, type it beside and valid by clicking the button.

Change password:

In the "MainMenu" screen, click on the "Change password" button. A new form will be displayed and will ask you to type the current password (to check you're the good person) and the new password twice.

Discover services:

If you want to explore and discover services, type the address in the textfield, and click on the "Discover" button. When you click on a displayed line, you'll be able do discover the new address services, or if the selected address is a room, to join or list the users.
If you double click on one of the displayed services, you'll discover its services.

Chat Room Managing

Open a chat room:

To open your own chat room (note: on some servers, admin restricts access to chatroom opening functions), go in the "MainMenu" tab and write the room name in the "Room:" textfield. This name must be valid, refering to the jabber naming standards. Valid by pressing the RETURN key, or the "Join Room" button and you should enter the newly created room. You'll be the owner, and you'll be able to configure it and manage it. If the room is located on an other server, you need to write it's address in the correct textfield.
If you want to open an existing room, you can type its name and press RETURN (or press the "Join Room" button) if no password is required. If it is configured to need a password, you'll need to type it to enter. You can also join a room by accepting an invitation, or by clicking in one of the displayed room in the "Discover" area.

Configure a chat room:

You need to have the rights to do so. Click on the user list of the room, and select the "Configure the room" option. A form should appear with the default/actual settings. Once modifications made, click on the "Save" button and close the form.

Change nickname:

You are able to change your nickname while chatting in a chatroom. Therefore, modify the value in the textfield under the room user list. Yes, the one which displays your current nickname. Valid by pressing the RETURN key and it is! A message should show you the nick change is effective.

Change a chat room subject:

If the owner permits it, or if you have the rights to do, you'll be able to modify the chatroom subject. It's located over the messages text area. To modify it (note: if the text field is blank, we can't see it! click between the tabs bar and themessages text area), type in the new subject and valid with RETURN key.

Invite somebody:

To invite a user to join a room (this is also permitted or not depending on the room configuration), lick on the room user list, choose the "Invite sb" option. Write it's JID in the popup window, and valid the popup form. A new popup will appear in it's messenger which asks him if he wants to join, or not.

Destroy the room:

When you created a room, you are able to destroy it. Therefore, click on the room user list, and select the "Destroy the room" option.


You can kick/ban/allow users in a room. They will be out of the room, cannot join, or be able to join again. Therefore, click on the username you want to kick/ban and select the correct option (kick... or ban...) in the role/affiliation sub menu. To allow somebody, a popup window will ask you the JID of the user you want to allow in this room.

How do we show the affiliations/roles

Official privileges per role:

Privilege None Visitor Participant Moderator
Present in Room No Yes Yes Yes
Receive Messages No Yes Yes Yes
Change Availability Status No Yes Yes Yes
Change Room Nickname No Yes* Yes Yes
Send Private Messages No Yes* Yes Yes
Invite Other Users No Yes* Yes* Yes
Send Messages to All No No** Yes Yes
Modify Subject No No* Yes* Yes
Kick Participants and Visitors No No No Yes
Grant Voice No No No Yes
Revoke Voice No No No Yes***

* Default; configuration settings MAY modify this privilege.
** An implementation MAY grant voice by default to visitors in unmoderated rooms.
*** A moderator MUST NOT be able to revoke voice privileges from an admin or owner.

Official privileges per affiliations:

Privilege Outcast None Member Admin Owner
Enter Open Room No Yes* Yes Yes Yes
Register with an Open Room No Yes N/A N/A N/A
Enter Members-Only Room No No Yes* Yes Yes
Ban Members and Unaffiliated Users No No No Yes Yes
Edit Member List No No No Yes Yes
Edit Moderator List No No No Yes** Yes**
Edit Admin List No No No No Yes
Edit Owner List No No No No Yes
Change Room Definition No No No No Yes
Destroy Room No No No No Yes

* As a default, an unaffiliated user enters a moderated room as a visitor, and enters an open room as a participant. A member enters a room as a participant. An admin or owner enters a room as a moderator.
** An admin or owner MUST NOT be able to revoke moderation privileges from another admin or owner.

Based on the JEP 0045

NOTE: I'm not english and can make mistakes while writing english... Please correct this documentation by sending me a mail.